Information Confidentiality Agreement

This website belongs to Gefera Media (hereinafter referred to as Gefera Media) - the Russian representative office of Gefera Media GmbH.

Please carefully read this Agreement! By reading this Agreement and submitting your personal data on this website you hereby agree with this Agreement. 

What is confidentiality of information?

The confidentiality condition extends to all the information which Gefera Media may obtain on the user while the latter visits the website of Gefera Media and which may be associated with this particular user. This Agreement also applies to the websites of exhibition projects by Gefera Media.

Collection and use of personal data

We only collect personal data that may be necessary for registration at exhibitions and trade shows, symposia, as well as any other events in the capacity of a visitor or participant and that you specify in the Application-Agreement (Registration Form) pertaining to any given event.

Full name

Electronic mail address

Contact telephone number

Mailing address

By submitting your personal data to the Application-Agreement you confirm your consent to inclusion of your personal data into the list of individuals which expressed their interest in receiving information about any advertizing, marketing and exhibition activities organized and conducted by Gefera Media.  

Besides, by submitting your personal data you confirm your consent to processing of the same including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, improvement (updating, changing), use of your personal data by Gefera Media for the purpose of performing this Application-Agreement if it does not contradict the RF legislation and any moral or ethical standards. You also confirm your consent to receive from Gefera Media any information related to organization and carrying of any advertizing, marketing and exhibition-related events including promotional events.

Gefera Media reserves the right to use any impersonal information pertaining to the data which you submit when filling in the Application-Agreement.

Gefera Media does not verify the authenticity of the name, contact details specified in the course of registration, as well as does not collect any information about the website visitors and participants from any other sources, such as public registers, catalogs of individuals and legal entities.

Gefera Media shall use any and all information received for the key purpose: Making our services as useful and convenient to you as possible.

Disclosure of personal data

Gefera Media does not sell or disclose any personal data about users.

Gefera Media has the right to transfer personal data on users to any third parties provided that:

You conceded to such information disclosure in writing;

You cannot use the desired product or service without such disclosure;

This is required by the Russian or international legislation and/or government authorities pursuant to the corresponding lawful procedure;

You violate our User Agreement or any other User Agreement pertaining to projects by Gefera Media's partners.

Possibility to edit and delete information and personal data

Gefera Media enables its users to edit/amend or delete their personal data at any time by submitting an electronic mail to the following address:, or by submitting an enquiry by regular mail to Gefera Media's mailing address. In such case, all the correspondence shall be performed using the electronic mail address set out in the Application-Agreement.

References to third party websites

The Gefera Media websites contain links to third party websites. These links are for reference only and Messe Frankfurt assumes no liability for any personal data policies adopted by and on such websites. While using these resources, you are hereby urged to carefully study their respective policies.

Automatic data collection and processing on the website


A cookie is a small text file stored on a user's personal computer in order to save data on the user's side.

Gefera Media uses only session-type cookies which are destroyed every time you close your Internet browser.

Cookies are used on websites in order to simplify website navigation (in order to save information pertaining to your website-visiting history, thereby simplifying your actions every time you return to a given website);

Most Internet browsers - thanks to built-in capabilities or special plug-ins - enable you to control the use of cookies, including the option of agreeing to or declining them, as well as prompting you ways of deleting cookies.

You can configure most browsers so as to receive a notification about receipt of cookies or to block their acceptance.

Gefera Media does not tie information stored in cookies to personal data which you submit to the website forum.

HTML enquiries:

Gefera Media processes information received within HTML enquiries (enquiry of your personal computer to the website) exclusively for statistical reasons and in order to optimize the website performance.

The following may be fixed and stored in the course of processing HTML enquiries:

Enquiry date and time;

Name or IP address of your host system;

Browser type and operating system of the user;

URL links of the previous enquiry sent to the website.

This information may be stored both on the website's Internet server in its logs and in specialized statistics systems for website traffic analysis (counters, website analytical tools (for instance, Google Analytics)).

Gefera Media shall undertake any and all reasonable measures necessary to protect information from any unauthorized access and disclosure.

Amendments to the Information Confidentiality Agreement

Gefera Media reserves the right to amend the Information Confidentiality Agreement. In case of any such significant changes to the Agreement, Gefera Media shall accordingly notify its users of the changes.

The current version of this document is dated 01.04.2011.