Bryanskiy Kamvolny Kombinat

Russian Federation
pav. Forum, E90
The Bryanskiy Kamvolny Kombinat is the largest textile enterprise in Russia, producing a wide range of European-level woolen fabrics. Currently, the plant has mastered the production of woolen blankets according to the best Russian and Italian technologies, as well as equipment for processing fine woolen fibers. Natural sheep wool is a very good raw material for making such products that provide a person with warmth, comfort and at the same time have a wide range of health benefits. Now the company produces two lines of blankets: - "Comfort" line. The product is made of yarn No. 6 (bulkier and warmer). - "Thin wool" line. Blankets are made from yarn # 10 (thinner and lighter items).
  • Bedroom textiles and bedding
  • Products for HoReCa and contract business
  • Small product volumes


Russian Federation, 241035, Bryansk, 50-th Army street 1, office 41

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