Russian Federation
pav. Forum, C01
VLADI company is one of the largest European manufacturers of high-quality wool, cotton, synthetic plaids and blankets. Our plaids and blankets have received numerous awards in international, Russian and Ukrainian contests and fairs. However, a satisfied customer has always been the highest award for us.
  • Bedroom textiles and bedding
  • Products for HoReCa and contract business
  • Products for children
  • Small product volumes
  • Fibres and Yarns


Russian Federation, 140060, Octiabrski, Luberetskiy district, Moscow region, 9 Fabrchnaya Street

Phone: +7(459)921-08-96

Phone: +7(495)921-08-96

Email: info@vladi.group

Site: www.vladi.group

Site: www.vladi.group

Site: https://paters.ru/