Beautiful Houses, Media and Exhibition Holding

Russian Federation
The "Beautiful Houses" media and exhibition holding includes: - the "Beautiful Houses Press" Publishing House, issuing magazines on architecture, interior design and decor, landscaping, construction: "Beautiful Houses", "Beautiful Apartments", "Wooden Houses", "Pool and Sauna”,“ Fireplaces and Heating”,“ House and Garden”, “100 Design Projects. Beautiful Apartments”, as well as books on architecture, construction and interiors, - the WEG exhibition company that organizes annual international exhibitions and conferences on architecture, design, construction; wooden house construction, frame, stone houses; interior solutions; fireplace, stove, heating industry; pools, saunas, spa and wellness; landscape design, such as "Wooden House", "Fireplaces Salon", "AquaSalon" and others.
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Russian Federation, 129090, Moscow, Shchepkina street, 29

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