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Although ANITEX is a new company, it was not just born. It comes from a family rich in history and experience. Established in 1974, Bycop SALʼs accomplishments have enabled us to mark our mark in the home textile industry as a leading manufacturer, importer, exporter, and distributor in the Middle East, GCC & CIS regions. ANITEX is a one stop solution for all your home textile needs. With the exception of planting and picking cotton, ANITEX is a completely vertically integrated factory. From twisting to weaving then dyeing, we are using the best and most advanced technology to produce some of the finest towels, bathrobes, pillows, duvets & Bedding.
  • Bedroom textiles and bedding
  • Smart bedding (duvets and pillows, mattresses, bedsteads etc.)
  • Bathroom textiles


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