Colorful Dreams

Russian Federation
pav. Forum, C05
Artemida LLC (trademark «Colorful Dreams») is a leading manufacturer of home textiles in the Krasnoyarsk region, Evenkia and Khakassia. The company produce and sell non-woven materials, bed linen, pillows and quilted products (blankets, bedspreads). We have regular direct supplies of raw materials from Turkey, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan. Our products are a combination of high-quality materials, extensive experience in the field of manufacturing technology and modern design. The company has its own network of retail salons «Colored Dreams» (6 salons are located in different districts of Krasnoyarsk).
  • Bedroom textiles and bedding
  • Smart bedding (duvets and pillows, mattresses, bedsteads etc.)
  • Products for children
  • Small product volumes


Russian Federation, 660022, Krasnoyarsk, Partizana Zheleznyaka str. 41a

Phone: +7(391)290-21-90